It looks like Egypt has been on your bucket list for a while now. But you are still wondering when the best time to visit Egypt is!

We know you are setting your heart on planning for a perfect vacation. Where you can get the most out of it without anything coming in your way, and rightly so.

Picking the best time to visit Egypt essentially comes down to where you want to go. And what kind of activities you would love to do. And the weather is your golden compass here!

For starters, although Egypt is a country probably known for its relatively hot weather. It absolutely makes a great year-round destination with its climate variations.

To help you make up your mind, let’s have a quick tour around Egypt through its 4 classic seasons.

When is the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

Spring (March – May)

Probably one of the best times to visit Egypt is spring. A bedazzling time of the year where you can enjoy the warm, pleasant daytime sun and the refreshing nighttime chills. If you ever decide to visit Egypt in spring, we suggest you set out for Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada. Or any other city on the Red Sea Coast. In this time of the year, these vibrant cities are great vacation spots. With their wide variety of water activities- such as snorkeling, diving, and scuba-diving- hiking, fishing. As well as their spectacular nightlife experiences. Also, if you ever feel like just cooling off by the pool or the beach, you can sunbathe safely and get your dream summer glow.

Summer (June – August)

In June, things begin to heat up until it gets real hot by August. This can be the best time to visit Egypt only if you don’t mind the hot sunny weather. In this case, don’t forget to pack your sun protection essentials including sunscreen, wide-brimmed hats, and light clothes, and also make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. For this relatively toasty season, choose Mediterranean Coast cities, typically Alexandria, to be your destination, where you can have a quick sightseeing tour through the city and enjoy plenty of freshening watersports– diving is one of these activities that can be enjoyed all year in Egypt. Additionally, Cairo’s fantastic weather makes it a great place to hang out where you can explore the bustling streets, take a lovely Nile Cruise to relax, and enjoy the highlights of the city in the evening breeze.

Fall (September – November)

Fall is among the best times to visit Egypt, where the temperature starts to dip a little and the crowds go down – since school and college vacations end. During this time, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel are some of the greatest places to visit, where you get the chance to soak up the radiant sun touring around the most valuable archaeological sites and take in the natural scenery and landscape around. Another reason why this is the best time to visit Egypt is the annual Abu Simbel Sun Festival that takes place on the 22nd of October.

Winter (December – February)


Best Time to Visit Egypt


Unlike many countries, annoyingly cold winter is not an issue for Egypt. During the day, the weather is nice and warm. Yet, it might get a bit cold at night; nothing adequate clothing can’t fix. And it doesn’t rain so often. So, it’s safe to say that winter is the perfect season to head to different places in Egypt, including Cairo, Red Sea beach resorts, and Upper Egypt. Between sightseeing tours around the cities’ landmarks and the so many outdoor and indoor activities, you will definitely find everything you are looking for in a vacation. And if you can’t make it to the Abu Simbel Sun Festival in the fall, worry not, you can experience the phenomenal festival on the 22nd of February. Make sure you don’t miss it; one should at least witness this festival at least once in their lifetime.

So, the best time to visit Egypt? This is basically your own call. There might be some least favorable times to come to Egypt because of the summer heat, but on the bright side, there’s still a ton of fun things to do to escape the heat.