Saint Catherine is a city in the South Sinai Governorate, located at the outskirts of the El Tur Mountains at the foot of Mountain Moses and St. Catherine’s Monastery, approximately 450 km far from Cairo, about 200km from Dahab on the eastern coast and 300km

There is no international Airport at St. Catherine. So, if you are out of Egypt , you can arrive at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport or Taba International Airport and drive to St. Catherine by bus.

When driving there you will witness magnificent mountain scenery of changing shapes and shades. The place is considered holy and contains rich historical and religious heritage. Mount Horeb (also called Jebel Musa) is where according to the old testament Moses, after having spent 40 days and 40 nights in the mountains, was given the Ten Commandments

The foot of the Mount seats the Orthodox Monastery of Saint Catherine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place is sacred for the world’s three heavenly religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The Monastery has been well preserved since its establishment in early 6th century which makes it one of the oldest monastic remote settlements

It was chosen to be built in the place of its existence, since 330 AD, Chapel of the Burning Bush, also called Saint Helen’s Chapel after the Empress, mother of Constantine the Great. The Burning Bush is one of its kind and believed to be the bush plant through which Moses received the vision of God speaking through flames of fire. A mosque was built into the wall of the chapel during the Fatimid period in the 10th century.

Being set in a remote virgin nature spot, the monastery is a beautiful example of the ascetic spiritual dedication and commitment united with nature. It has been protected by political and religious leaders including Arab and Turkish Sultans, Prophet Mohammed, the Empress Catherine of Russia and Napoleon Bonaparte

Walking through the pathways of the holy monastery is certainly an elevating experience. One of the most stunning elements of the architecture is 1,400 years old wooden door at the entrance to the church. The thought of being at the exact place where grand leaders walked through honouring the sacred land and structure is something one can not escape, but simply surrender to how powerfully touching and beyond ordinary life affairs it is. At the same time, it proves the caring human nature of the grand emperors in the preservation of a place considered so holy.

Certainly Saint Catherine is a beautiful example of honouring natural and spiritual connections through the history and religions of human kind. The scenic landscapes, mountain air and kind local customs are just a few rewards which surely enrich each traveler. Altogether, the taste and sense of pilgrimage despite your background or believes is worthy of being called holy.

St. Catherine is famous for its monastery which was dedicated to one of Alexander ‘s rulers, Saint Catherine, who converted to Christianity and was tortured to death for the sake of her new faith. Moreover, you can enjoy climbing Moses Mountain, the place where Moses received ten commandments from his Lord.

The climb to Holy Peak includes 3750 steps of repentance, a Gate of Confession for absolution and a gate of the Law where climbers remove their shoes

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